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Translation Services

   China is one of the most promising countries in terms of doing business. Businessmen from all over the world come to China for the implementation of their projects. But the partnership with China - is not easy. Indeed, the Chinese traditions and customs, including business, quite specific.

    Its worth to mention about the mysterious, but for someone funny, Chinese language. Learning a foreign language is not easy, and if English is usually studied at school, on the other side the Chinese language is usually learned on their own. Since rapid development of China started relatively recently, that means that not so many people can speak professional Chinese. Some believe that everything can be discussed in English. But do not expect that Chinese will be able to clearly explain everything to you. Unfortunately, most Chinese speak very bad English. There is even an expression «Chinese English» («Chinese English"), which means that they speak English in their own way. And in some cases, they say, they know how to speak a little in English, although in fact only know a few phrases.

    In order to learn a foreign language you need a lot of patience and a lot of time. But as you know, serious businessmen – they are very busy people and it is very difficult to find a free time for learning a foreign language. That why businessmen that come to China, usually use the services of translators.

   CPL company provides translation services. We can guarantee the professionalism of our staff. They will help you in conversations, exhibitions, and just in everyday life during your stay in China.