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   Procurement Logistics is one of the most important functions in the business!The main function of our company is aimed at sourcing, data analysis on the process of procurement, planning and development of new schemes and methods of procurement. As a result of our analysis we are able to select the most appropriate suppliers for you. 

   The procedure (algorithm) of choosing a supplier. Usually the main sources of information about suppliers are information directories-yellow pages, trade journals, price lists, special attention is paid to the Internet.

   Ultimately, success determines the reliability of suppliers. Do not forget that the important criteria is the assessment of risk in procurement and supplier activity has a significant impact on production, quality and competitiveness of the company's final customers. That's why we do a thorough search and analysis.

   Establishing an acceptable price and terms of deliveryThis objective is particularly important, since procurement requires a large amount of circulating funds due to purchases at lower prices or by reducing the total logistics costs.