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Assistance making and signing contracts

   International Foreign trade contract is the primary commercial document of foreign operations. Contracts must display main content of the rights and responsibilities of the seller and the buyer. According to the requirements, calculations for the implementation of foreign exchange operations usually must be performed by resident legal entities through bank accounts in authorized banks.

   Properly formed international contract is required to prevent undesirable situations for the seller, a properly formed international contract is also required for customs authorities at customs clearance, as well as at the opening of the transaction passport for foreign currency transactions.

   Specialists at China Premium Logistic company will help you to properly form and sign international contract, thereby significantly reduce the risk in making a deal with manufacturers in China. Contracts may be presented in the original form of letters, electronically, by fax, etc., signed by the party that submits them.

   If you decide to make and sign a contract for the supply of goods on your own, according to the rules of registration of foreign economic contract, following content should be in contract:

1. Date of signing a contract

2. Place of signing contract

3. Subject of the contract

Item Name (if its one-time purchase of goods then product name should be prescribed. If its a long-term contract, then in addition to the contract application-specification is made, which is an integral part of the contract. Following should be prescribed separately in the specification: product name, product range of the company, the amount of packaging, delivery time, terms and Conditions of delivery.

4. Terms and Conditions (what are the conditions of goods, according to Incoterms-      2010)

5. Payments for the goods

6. Quality of goods

7. Packaging and labeling

8. Force majeure

9. Settlement of Disputes

10. Details of the parties

11. Signatures